Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on: 31-01-2023


Q1How do I register for conference?
AnsRegister for the conference by visiting the site.
Q2What type of paper one can submit?
AnsThere are total six categories 1. Technical paper 2. Research paper 3. Poster paper 4. Project/design-based paper 5. Case studies paper 6. Best & Innovative practices paper.
Q3How do I submit my paper for the conference?
AnsFor submission visit conference website then click on event tab and select your choice conference then conference page will open in new tab and on that page click on registration.
Q4How can I find out my scheduled for presentation?
AnsTwo days before of conference schedule we will mail on registered email ID
Q5What are methods of payments?
AnsWe accept payment via bank transfer. If you would like to pay using bank transfer, please indicate that you need to submit “transaction details” with registration form. We also accept DD in the favour of “Conference Name”.
Q6Is there the possibility for a group discount?
AnsIf you would like to inquire about group discounts, please contact our Conference Coordinator Dr. Hemant Kasturiwale: Mob.: +91-9967350453 or refer our offer as a partnership model where document is mainly for group registration. Minimum 10 papers are required for partnership model. Participation may be subsidised 30-40%.
Q7How can we partner into this MULTIOCN W2023?
AnsWe have NIP (National Initiative Program) under which you can have partnership with us.
For more details contact: Mr. Arpit Vyas: Mob.: +91-8424010922 / Dr. Vinitkumar Dongre:
Mob.: +91-8779510550
Q8May I know list of Current Partner Intuitions?
AnsGandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology University, Odisha
Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram, Namakkal, Tamilnadu
Vardhman College of Engineering, Hyderabad
And many more..


Q1What are the different types of conferences and workshops in MULTICON W 2023?
AnsThere are four conference and two workshops. For more details visit the respective conference website as mentioned below:



International Conference in Intelligent Computing and Networking (ICICN 2023)

International Conference on Communications, Computing, and Data Security (ICCCDS 2023)

International Conference on Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (ICAMCE 2023)

International Conference on Humanities Sciences and Technical Education (ICHSTE2023)

Q2What are the different events in MULTICONW 2023?
AnsThere are six different events 1. Conferences 2. Industry Oriented Technology Workshop 3. Technology Forecasting 4. In house Workshop 5. TCET Technology Talk 6. Panel Discussion
All these tracks are aligned with practical knowledge, industry trends and opportunity for advance learning.
Q3What are recommended formats of writing Paper?
AnsPaper should of IEEE format A4 size. Categories will be as Full length paper (of 6 pages), Short Length Paper (of 4 pages), poster Paper (1 page to covered to poster). However, if it is sent to journal publication, it needs to be resubmitted in the respective journal format. However, information will be sent once it is shortlisted for the same. Short listing is based on content, content presentation, strong result and discussion. It should be based on original work with novelty and proper research /development claims.
Q4Who can attend the inauguration session?
AnsAll participant attendees are invited to attend the inauguration session.
Q5Can I attend the conference for only one day?
AnsIt is strongly recommended to attend the conference for both the days. However, in case you are not available for both days you can attend the event for just 1 day preferably on the day of paper presentation.
Q6I have chapters written for certain topic; can I submit to MULTICON W 2023?
AnsBook chapters can be published through MULTICONW 2023.
Q7Is there any citations I can expect from MUTLICON W conference preceding?
AnsOur Previous MULTICONW Conferences have more than 1,32,00+ full text views and more
than 1000+ citations.


Q1What is included in the cost of my registration?
AnsFees are inclusive of the 2-day conference/workshop, materials, lunches, snacks and high tea. The hotel and travel expenses are NOT included in the participation fees.
Q2Can we get accommodation if we are outstation participants?
AnsYes, at affordable price you will get two days accommodation.
Q3What kind of accommodation facility you offer?
AnsWe offer two types of accommodation facility 1. Hotel: Rs. 3000/- per person per day (Tentative & Approx) 2. Hostel: Rs. 1000/- per person (Tentative & Approx). For more details contact: Dr. Anil Vasoya : +91 9757065431.
Q4What are additional benefits of MULTICON W 2023?
AnsYou can have Active Interaction and Networking, Understanding of IPR, Expert inputs for quality work, showcasing research talents, understanding trends and challenges, Opportunity for Multi-level Publication, Promoting Research through overall knowledge sharing.
Q5What are the Benefits if collaboration with you?
AnsAcademic exchange through MULTICON W 2023 will be provided such as group discounts. Other events such as Poster competition on “Panch Pran” will be held in Month of 17 th March Registration charges will be subsidized for Conference and Other events. Institute will get visibility on Online Platforms like website, social media. Collaboration will also help in improving points for NBA and NAAC accreditations.
Q6Will I get format for presentation?
AnsPresentation templates are available on respective conference websites. Follow the
guideline for effective conduct of conference.
Q7Can I attend multiple workshops of different conferences?
AnsOne can Attend multiple workshops across different track provided timing of workshops are
not overlapping.