To foster the lifelong learning among graduates and professionals, there is an enormous need to incorporate interdisciplinary learning. To meet these requirements, the National Education Policy 2020 has incorporated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education along with Humanities. The Policy prescribes the need to facilitate universal access to quality holistic education to all students. It has provided flexibility in their choice of subjects and there will be no firm division between arts, academic, curricular, extra-curricular or vocational streams as the objective is to ensure holistic development. To augment innovation, adaptability, and productivity, there is a need to create platforms for multidisciplinary learning.

IC-HSTE under the aegis of MULTICON-W is such platform which was initiated by Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET) a few years back to provide a platform to discuss all the upcoming research related to humanities, sciences and technical education. IC-HSTE-2021 is a specially designed cluster conference and would lay interdisciplinary platform for the interaction among researchers, educators to present and discuss the recent innovations and trends as well as practical challenges faced and solutions adopted in the field of Humanities, Sciences and Technical Education. We hope that conference results in significant contribution to the knowledge in various domains which will enhance our problem solving skills and nurture our creativity. The conference also attempts to bring together the experience of these varied yet related fields of knowledge with the hope that this confluence will contribute to mutual growth.

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